WeldingSpecialised in welding

Fabricationrepairs of special requirement items

Facilities & Equipment

Operating out of the Canning Vale Office/Workshop utilising modern equipment and work practises. The company is continually increasing and updating plant and equipment. With in this equipment; Hot Wire GTAW “Tip Tig” ,2 off Millar “Pipeworx” welding systems, Millar Invison 354 Pulse GMAW, 2 off AC/DC GTAW machines, 100, 200 & 1000 kg Welding positioners, 3” to 12” pipe bevelling machine, Sectional roller, Nissan 7 Tonne & Clark 5 Tonne forklift plus an assortment of inverter based welding plants & a range of spe-cialist tooling to assist with processing materials.


Our knowledge and approach to tasks enable us to manufacture/repair specialised components/items. Highly qualified staff including WTIA Certified Welding Inspector & CSWIP Welding Inspector to assist with day to day operations to ensure quality is always at the forefront and enabling continued production. SolidWorks is the standard drawing package software to bring concept to production. Our staff are hand selected for there ability to offer greater skills and knowledge base varying though exposure to international projects.

Process of repair

  • DNVGL/LR surveillance of CCU
  • Repair plan formalized
  • Undertake repair up to the end of preparation
  • DNVGL/LR inspection
  • Weld out
  • NATA Proof load test
  • NATA Final NDT
  • Compile documentation & Certify